Clash Royale Hacks & Mods: Not everything is infinitely gold what shines on Google

Clash Royale is the new smartphone strategy game of the clash-of-clan maker Supercell, which is available for Android and iOS. Clash Royale uses the previous success story of the finnish development fighter and combines it with a mix of tower defense and card game. Of course, with a successful multiplayer title like Clash Royale, the desire for hacks, mods and glitches always sprouts up. But be warned: If you want to use clash royale hack online, you can quickly feel your own karma.

Those who prefer honest play can also read our tips and tricks articles on Clash Royale, where you can perhaps learn something else. So, let's tell you how to get the legendary cards "Ice Eggs" and "Princess" in Clash Royale, which are the best cards for the battle and all the details about the chests. Those who prefer to be crowned with hacks and glitches as the winner in Clash Royale should read the following paragraphs carefully.

Clash Royale Hacks, Mods & Glitches

Of course, no game is flawless, so you can always find bugs & glitches, which may lead to a gameplay. And mods do not have to have any game-influencing background. Maybe you just want to add some more color to the game or change other, purely aesthetic aspects of the game.

Unfortunately you will not find what you're looking for in a short Google search, because anyone looking for clash royale hacker, mods or glitches will only find a wide range of down pages. On trustworthy modding pages such as ModDB, there are unfortunately no mods for Clash Royale in the Android section.

Clash Royale: Beware of downloadable hacks & mods

Be extra careful when downloading Clash Royale Hacks or personal information on the site. Often there is adware or, in the worst case, other malware such as viruses, Trojans and the like behind it.We can also advise against entering personal data, logging on to Facebook or other social networks. Too often, there are fraudsters behind you who want to direct you into a subscription or simply interested in your data.We suggest that you use only hacks from the official websites where you can get clash royale free gems and gold.

UXModGames - What does the tool do?

XModGames is one of the few hacking tools that can help you in different titles on Android and iOS "help". Among other things, you can display the opponent's elixir in Clash Royale and open the chests automatically. The hacking tool is, of course, not an official app, which you can simply download in Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store. The app can only be installed if you have your smartphone or tablet rooted or "jailbreaked". Since the use of such software always entails a certain risk - even if it is only a spell for the respective game - we can only advise against the installation.

Tips, tricks and tactics - Clash Royale

Supercell simply knows how to produce addictive games for the road. The "League of Legends for the road" sends you into the direct battle against another ruler and therefore requires a lot of tactics from you despite its cute graphics and the intuitive gameplay. So that Clash Royale is one of the more successful kings, we will give you some helpful tips and tricks for the mini-MOBA.

Clash Royale: Basic tips

Anyone who has ever played a MOBA or tower defense, or even the predecessor Clash of Clans, will be able to deal with the basic control of Clash Royale very quickly.

The large towers in the middle are the "King's Tower". This is to destroy it. Your goal is the tower in the upper playfield section,

The two towers next to the King's Tower are remote battle towers and must be destroyed to get to the King,

Arenes differ only optically,

Build your building for new troops, place them behind your towers so they do not succumb to the onslaught of the enemy,

At the bottom are your cards with which you can place your traps and troops simply on your side of the field.

Deck composition

Even the best tactics will not help you if your deck is not carefully compiled. Therefore it is advisable, especially after receiving new maps, to change your deck. Therefore, make sure your deck contains the following maps:

At least 1 spell,

1 giant,

Flight units,

Distance fighter,

1-2 defense towers.

Tips for the attack

Before you fall into the battle deadly and lose your elixir, and lose the battle, here are some tips for a successful attack:

Waiting for the opponent's attack or at least the first line-up of his troops,

Then play counter-troops to respond to his attack,

Use the special abilities of your units,

If you are attacked by large units, block with a group of small, fast units,

Starts an air attack when your opponent is unable to counter or execute your own,

Allow slow units to start as far back as possible in your field. So you have already regenerated elixir when your unit passes the bridge.

Gold, gems and chests

If you have successfully beaten your first battles, you will be rewarded with gold coins, sometimes the rare gems, and sometimes even get new cards for your deck. And for that you need the resources:

Gold - Buy new cards and start multiplayer games,

Elixir - For the construction of troops and buildings (filling up in the battle independently again,

Gems - Shortens construction and waiting times, lets you buy gold and open chests (premium currency).

These resources can obtain through clash royale cheats but we don't recommend to use it.

There are four chests in your inventory. It is therefore not worth to wait forever to hoard gems when your inventory is already full. Open the chests regularly as they contain important items and bonuses.

To get to new chests, you'll either have to bury them with gems in the Item Shop or meet one of the following conditions:

After a battle,

After a battle against a stronger opponent there is an additional bonus,

Every four hours you get a free chest,

If you reach a score of at least 10 a day, there is an additional reward.